Unix Solaries

Basic Primitives of UNIX :

1. Origin of UNIX, Overview of System Administration

2. OS Directory Hierarchy

3. Killing Process in different ways

User Administration :

1. Creating Groups, Modifying and Deleting

2. Creating Users, Modifying and Deleting

3. Administration of initialization files and customizing

4. Monitoring of Users

5. Understanding password aging RBAC

Directories and Files :

1. File and Directories Creation, modifying and deleting

2. Copying & Moving Files and Directories

3. Searching Files and Directories

4. File Permissions

5. Working with editors – vi

6. Linking files with symbolic link and hard link

7. Scheduling Jobs using Crontab and at Performing Process Control Viewing a Process

8. Locating a process and monitoring processes with ps and prstat

9. Killing processs


1. Types of RAIDS

2. Managing Local Disk

3. Introducing the Basic Architecture of a Disk

4. Introducing Solaris OS Device Naming Conventions

5. Listing a System’s Devices

6. Reconfiguring Disk


1. Introduction to file system

2. Understanding different types of file systems

3. Creating a file system using format command

4. Converting the file system to UFS using newfs

5. Mounting and un-mounting file systems

6. Understanding vfstab and mnttab files

7. Inconsistency checking using fsck

8. Troubleshooting file systems with fsck


1. Understanding and configuring NFS server and NFS client

2. Understanding different files, daemons, commands at NFS server and NFS client

3. Configuring auto-mount with direct and indirect mapping


1. Adding the packages, verifying the packages and checking the packages, pkgadd, Pkgrm, pkginfo, pkgchk, pkgparam, spooling commands

NETWORK Configuration Zones :

1. Zone creationg, Modification and deletion Managing Zones

2. Troubleshooting performance related issues.

3. Basic Shell Scripting

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